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The Weekly Institutional Publication on

Digital Currency, Assets, Payments & Regulation

Diar provides concise coverage and analysis of significant developments within the global digital currency industry. This information service delivers the expert insight critical for informed decision making within the constantly evolving global finance & regulatory environment.

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Buterinin tuoreita näkemyksiä missä nyt mennään kryptoissa


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Kun ihmetellään, että mitä kaikkea kryptoilla voidaan tehdä niin tässä on melko päräyttävä projekti


Currently, large scale discussions and collaborative efforts carried out directly between people are highly inefficient. To address this problem, we developed a paradigm which we call Human-Machine-Human communication: the core principle is that the users can not only interact with each other but also make their statements clear to their Tau client. Our paradigm enables Tau to deduce areas of consensus among its users in real time, allowing the network to boost communication by acting as an intermediary between humans. It does so by collecting the opinions and preferences its users wish to share and logically constructing opinions into a semantic knowledge base.

Able to deduce consensus and understand discussions, Tau can automatically generate and execute code on consensus basis, through a process known as code synthesis. This will greatly accelerate knowledge production and expedite most large scale collaborative efforts we can imagine in today's world.

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Ja kurssi vaan niiaa..


NYSE Owner: Bitcoin Should Be in Retirement Funds, Credit Cards, Retail Stores

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), owner of arguably the most important stock exchange in the world, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is introducing a new company, Bakkt. The idea is to weave bitcoin core (BTC) into 401(k)s, credit cards, and retail. The project is getting a lot of hype due in large measure to two very powerful backers: Microsoft and Starbucks

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Onko jollakin näkemystä esports vedonlyönnin maailmaan?
Miltä sen tulevaisuus näyttää?

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Lisää positiivisia uutisia putoilee jatkuvasti

‘This Is Not a Passing Fad’: CFA Exam Adds Crypto, Blockchain Topics


Kryptovaluutat sijoituskohteina - 19.7.2018 18.02

Rahanpesusta mielenkiintoinen salapoliisitutkimus:

Uncovering the Real Cartel in Bitcoin

From what I see, here’s what I imagine happens:

Tether is printed at some point in time (from thin air, because at this point, it’s backed by zilch and they aren’t taking in any customer payments).
It is then used to pump an altcoin that is a USDT traded pair. Once this pump is complete, they then sell/dump these altcoins for Bitcoin.
The Bitcoin is subsequently sold to an exchange like Coinapult or something else that doesn’t require any type of KYC/AML (convenient, right?)
Coinapult, after holding that BTC that they essentially bought can re-trade it to bad actors like the Columbian Cartel or anyone else that has some obscure need for BTC. They may even decide to sell OTC.
Once again, the above list is only speculation, but it makes the best sense. In any case, this process that they are using is extracting Bitcoin from the market because once they ‘dump’ from the top of an alt pump like EOS, for example, they’re extracting millions of BTC from the USDT or USD traded pair markets, which shoots the price up.

Then, they sell these Bitcoin over the counter to another exchange (more than likely something like Coinapult, which will give them USD). Coinapult will then sell this OTC or to anyone that bothers to purchase from them. This will be a major OTC deal.

More than likely, the Bitcoin WILL make its way onto an exchange sooner or later and will result in a dump. IF (and this is a big ‘if’), the CME is colluding in this effort or, at the very least, being used as a tool to facilitate this illicit profit gain, then I’d imagine that the strategy of drilling down the price is one that is also profitable as they manipulate the markets.

However, I’m more inclined to believe that the Futures markets probably serve as more of a ‘hedge’ against price depreciation for exchanges like Coinapult (remember, owned by Barry Silbert). I say this because, if you’re holding a bunch of Bitcoin that you’ve bought from Finex/Tether, then you’re losing money if they happen to depreciate. However, if you’ve placed a short on the Futures market (CME), then you can hedge these losses. You’ll actually gain if you’re leveraging this short position.

If the BTC price is running up, just close your position, ride the wave and sell Bitcoin while you make a profit. Win-win situation.

We know for a fact that Erik Voorhees and Barry Silbert are two individuals that have been sanctioned before by the SEC for price manipulation or securities’ violations. So, they’re no strangers to skirting authorities. When considering the resources that are at the disposal of all of these individuals, the convenience of everything involved, the fact that all of this seems to stem from the same year (2014; Tether, Coinapult, Mt. Gox Hack, DCG receiving investments, Finex launch), among other oddities that have been pointed out in this article, you really can’t help but wonder.

I think the case is pretty closed though on whether Tether/Bitfinex are involved in nefarious activity. However, I’m of the opinion that they don’t care because Bitfinex is essentially a shell company. They’ve already laundered an absurd amount of money through Tether, exchange liquidations, and other illicit activities, in my opinion. So, barring actual criminal prosecution, which would require their locations to be discovered — they can coast in to the sunset with hundreds of millions if their “plan” is ever foiled.

In my opinion, this seems to be what they’re angling for anyway. And who knows, this very well may be the case. It all depends on how thorough the SEC, CFTC, FBI and any other monitoring regulatory bodies are in their apprehension and prosecution procedures. Rest assured, though, they are on it.

Tether’s days are limited. That’s already case closed. However, it remains to be seen whether the days of certain exchanges or individuals in the space will be limited as well.

Only time will tell!

I’m not sure what the immediate consequences of this article will be and I am ready to face any and all of them.

Kryptovaluutat sijoituskohteina - 14.7.2018 13.36

Tässä olikin paljon mielenkiintoisia uutisia mm. uudesta EFT:sta, miksi Litecoin halusi ostaa pankista siivun ja pystyykö GoChain haastamaan Etheriumin.
Tähän olisi mielenkiintoista kuulla myös Castelieron näkemys..


Kryptovaluutat sijoituskohteina - 12.7.2018 21.16

Nyt "sijoittajaguru" Teeka Tiwari totesi, että CBOE:n EFT hakemus tulee menemään läpi ja voi auttaa viemään bitcoinin yli 50k tänä vuonna. Eli tapahtuisi sama mitä viime kesänkin jälkeen. Mietteitä?